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The School was founded in late 2007 and was the first to operate in the area, having trained already many divers. The Founder of the School is Lambros Goumas, who is highly experienced in professional diving. He has taken part in many missions of the local Coast Guard and his diving hours exceed 8000. Apart from diver training, Lambros Goumas and his diving crew are employed with fishfarming, harbor works and sea searches. Kalamos Dive Center is part of the rescue team of the Port Authority of Kimi, Evia.

The School is located at the village of Kalamos, which lies within the Municipality of Avlon in Evia. The following training courses are provided, in cooperation with SSI (Scuba Schools International)

Σχολή Αυτοδυτών Καλάμου


The School is organizing excursions using a fully-equipped, 9-meter-wide ship. The winter excursions take place in the Gulf of Evia and the summer excursions take place in the Aegean Sea.  Certified divers will certainly enjoy the fantastic sea-floor and the clean sea. Diving expeditions to the shipwreck of "Dystos" are oftenly organized.

A few words about Kalamos

Πανοραμική Φωτογραφία Καλάμου

Distance 65km from Chalkis
Driving Time 1 Hour
Sea Aegean Sea
Road Type Asphalt Roadway

Kalamos consists of two adjoining white-sanded beaches, that are separated by a rock. Locals call them "the good one" and "the bad one".

While arriving at Kalamos, the view of the scenery is breathtaking. It is like an open window to the Aegean Sea. A simple but romantic place. Two tiny gulfs and 3 to 4 tiny hotels and fish taverns await the travelers who come here to enjoy the tranquility of the scenery and the fresh fish.

The access to Kalamos is simple and easy. From Chalkis,take the route to Southern Evia, pass through Vassiliko, Eretria, Amarynthos, Aliveri, following the route to Kimi. Pass the Karystos crossing and continue to Kimi. At Neochori, turn right (there is a sign on the road) and after 7 km arrive at Kalamos.